Resurrection Emergency Medicine




Each year consists of 13 four week rotations.


Year 1


Emergency Medicine (20 weeks)

  • You will spend 12 weeks at Resurrection Medical Center and 8 weeks at Saint Francis Hospital learning the bread and butter of the specialty. You will work 17-10 hour shifts during your blocks at Resurrection and 15-12 hour shifts at Saint Francis. Saint Francis is a level 1 trauma center, in a hospital with minimal other residents, so you will be primarily handling the trauma cases as the EM resident on day 1.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine (12 weeks)

  • During your first year, 8 weeks are devoted to taking care of the pediatric patient at St. Francis Hospital where you will work 15-12 hour shifts seeing only pediatric patients with the EM faculty. In addition, 4 weeks will be spent at Lutheran General Hospital in a dedicated pediatric ER.

Intensive Care Unit (8 weeks)

  • Taking care of the critically ill patients is the cornerstone of any EM residency. You will spend 4 weeks in each of the Surgical and Medical ICUs at Resurrection where you will learn to manage multiple sick patients at once.

Trauma (4 weeks)

  • You will spend 4 weeks managing trauma patients at Mt. Sinai Hospital, a Level I Trauma Center located on Chicago's Southwest Side. You will work as part of the trauma surgery team, responding to trauma codes in the ED, trauma consults, and managing these patients on the floor.

Anesthesia/Ob (4 weeks)

  • This combined rotation at Resurrection will have you intubating in the OR with anesthesiologists and delivering newborns with the Obstetrics faculty and residents.

Ultrasound/EMS (4 weeks)

  • Ultrasound is quickly defining many aspects of our specialty, so you will spend 4 weeks at Resurrection scanning with faculty and fellows as well as attending tape reviews to learn the intricacies of ultrasound. During this time you will also go on ambulance ride-alongs and learn how to interface with EMS personnel.


Year 2


Emergency Medicine (24 weeks)

  • You will spent 12 weeks at Resurrection Medical Center and 12 weeks at Saint Francis Hospital. All blocks will consist of 18-10 hour shifts. As a second year, you will expand your ability to manage several patients independently while also improving your procedural skills.

Intensive Care Unit (10 weeks)

  • You will have two ICU rotations at Resurrection during your second year; one in the Medical ICU and one in the Surgical ICU.  You will serve as the Surgical ICU Senior Resident and Medical ICU Second Year Resident. You will be taking call these blocks as you hone your critical care skills.

  • In addition, you will spend 2 weeks at Lutheran General in the PICU.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine (6 weeks)

  • You will spend 4 weeks at Lutheran General Hospital as part of your second year foray into pediatric EM. You will also spend 4 weeks at University of Chicago - Comer Children's Hospital, a tertiary care center where you will be exposed to some of the more uncommon pathology of pediatric EM.

Trauma (4 weeks)

  • Your second year trauma rotation consists of 4 weeks at Cook County Hospital, another excellent opportunity to perfect your resuscitation and management of various trauma. You will take call during this block.

Infectious Disease (4 weeks)

  • Learn the in's and out's of the bugs and drugs you will be dealing with as an EM physician. This rotation takes place at Resurrection Medical Center, where you will work with our wonderful infectious disease specialists.

Specialty Clinics (4 weeks)

  • The focus of this month is orthopedics and neurologic emergencies. You will work with orthopedic surgeons in clinic and interventional neurologists on the floors and in the ER at Resurrection, a Certified Stroke Center, to deepen your knowledge in these specialties. The Specialty Clinics rotation also includes several training sessions in an ophthalmology clinic to improve your slit lamp examination skills.



Year 3


Emergency Medicine (32 weeks)

  • Spend the brunt of third year learning to run the room as you rotate between the Resurrection (16 weeks), Saint Francis (8 weeks) and Saint Mary's (8 weeks) emergency departments. Learn to thrive in any setup as you navigate the unique features of each ER.

Intensive Care Unit (4 weeks)

  • Close out your ICU rotations as the senior ICU resident, overseeing both the MICU and SICU at Resurrection. No call during this month.

Trauma (4 weeks)

  • Return to Mt. Sinai Hospital, this time working as a senior in the ED. You will see new trauma codes as part of the trauma team, managing head of the bed and airway.

Toxicology (4 weeks)

  • Work alongside toxicologists from Cook County and UIC, learning the intricacies of some of EM's most fascinating presentations. You will act as a consultant on this service and take part in journal clubs and rounds.

Administrative (4 weeks)

  • Take a peek at the inner workings of the department, take part in department meeting at both Resurrection and Saint Francis and help with rotating medical students,

Elective (4 weeks)

  • No residency would be complete without an elective block. Explore the niche of EM that excites you, whether domestically or abroad!