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Medical Student Rotations

AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center is currently accepting applications for Emergency Medicine electives through VSAS.

Please contact for additional information.

We offer a four-week EM audition rotation for medical students. Rotations are held at either of our primary sites - Resurrection Medical Center or Saint Francis Hospital. The goal of the rotation is to introduce the clinical practice and fundamental didactics of emergency care in an accelerated curriculum appropriate to those students pursuing a career in emergency medicine. It emphasizes bedside teaching, procedures and diagnostic assessment. Each student will work one-on-one with attending physicians, a format which allows ample opportunity for critical evaluation and recommendation for students entering the specialty. 

Due to increased competitiveness of applicants to our program the past few years, we are no longer automatically offering residency interviews to all rotating medical students.  We will only offer interviews to the highest performing medical students.  Students are also cautioned against using this audition rotation as “practice” for later EM rotations.  Each student will be written a SLOE upon successful completion of the rotation, the quality of which will depend on your performance.

14 eight-hour shifts
Weekly conferences every Thursday, 7am to noon

4th year students attending LCME- or COLA- accredited medical schools who plan to enter the emergency medicine residency match. (We are an ACGME-accredited program.)
Letter of good standing
USMLE Step 1 Board Score (220 minimum) or COMLEX Level 1 Score (500 minimum)
Proof of medical liability insurance
Proof of immunization status (must have Hep B and TB screening within 12 months)