Resurrection Emergency Medicine

How to Scan at the Fran

Using the machine:

  1. Perform and save a complete study with the patient’s information and your initials as you would at Res

  2. Use GREEN TOPPED WIPES only to clean the ENTIRE machine (probes and screen) - NO PURPLE WIPES

 interpreting and getting credit for your scans

  1. Find the ultrasound binder which is kept in the cabinets over the resident computer station

  2. Place the patient’s sticker and complete the rest of the row to document the scans you performed and your findings


  • Will the scans I perform at the Fran automatically be counted in Qpath?

    • No. The log kept in the binder is tallied by Denise every few months

  • I can’t find the ultrasound binder, what should I do?

    • The most common places to find the binder: in the cabinets above the residents computers, under the PACS computer, in the back of the machine, by the attending’s computer

    • If you still cannot find the binder, save the patient’s information to be logged later

  • There are no more empty sheets in the binder, what should I do?

    • Blank log sheets can be found here as well as on the website.

  • Will my image be reviewed and will I get feedback on the scans I perform at the Fran?

    • Not automatically. If you have an interesting scan or scans you would like to review, contact Dr. Lusiak or the ultrasound fellow and ask them to review your scan.